3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

3.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

Right, lets get SOCIAL, something I believe is something people should do more both general life but also in business.

Whilst many will know the main players in the Social Media World, I am sure just as many:

a) don’t

b) don’t really care or want to be part of it on any level.

Now I will admit at one point, my involvement in social media was very minimal and used purely for interacting with friends, family and an amount of entertainment value. However in the world of business, particularly as the mode of marketing progresses massively week on week, social media and its application becomes more and more a MUST HAVE rather than seen as perhaps something to consider.

The popular players here are (and in no particular order):

  • FB



Now if you don’t have any of these babies, I recommend Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to start with…go now, get you profiles set up and make sure they have your brand new shiny domain names email ?

What next? You need to use them, and this is going to take WORK, but it will pay off. On Facebook if you are using a brand new account it will take a little time for you to be allowed to join groups, add people, create your own pages etc, so spend some time making sure your profile page looks hot snot (that translates as “the best”).

Ideally you need a good picture of yourself as your profile image, preferably smiling, that may sound obvious but it is important. Going forward as you look at building authority, which is what it is all about to gather traction online, you need to use the same image of YOU….EVERYWHERE…so every social media profile you set up needs to be the SAME image….trust me…it matters.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


The cover of your FB profile should be a nice clear, inviting scene, possibly something like a tranquil beach scene, experiment with this but always avoid “dark” and “deep”.

Once you become familiar with Facebook and the other socials listed, you have to interact with people, check your timeline stream, comment, like and share and don’t just do it for the sake of it, make it real/true reaction to what you are seeing.

What you now need is “friends”, as many as possible, as quickly as possible…..now you can wander around FB and pick off peeps and request to yours hearts content, but doing this can get you suspended, or sent to FB Jail to cool off for a period. Strategy is required…

The business/industry/niche that will be the backbone of your online income creation is the focus of the type of people you need to buddy up with. So, whats needed is for you to search FB for niche relevant Groups and join them….just a few at first, get used to being in the group, look at what people are saying, doing and advertising and what methods they use to market themselves.

The people in these groups are primarily the people you need to be adding to your circle.


On a daily basis, Morning and Evening (two sessions), EVERY DAY for at least four weeks, you need to add between 10 and 20 new people to your list. So that’s 10-20 in the morning and 10-20 in the evening. All of these peeps need to be harvested (lol) from niche relevant Groups.

I know some of you are going to turn your nose up and say “that’s a lot of messing about and time”, but you WILL find at the 3 to 4 week point, when you are adding daily (that’s 7 days by the way), and interacting in the groups and posting some bits n pieces on your own timeline (niche relevant AND trending images/videos – more of that later)…people start to migrate to you.

The latter method is totally proven, have a squint at my profile on FB  [CLICK HERE]  at the time of writing I have around 4000 friends, YAY look at Mr Popular hahaha…but seriously around  6 to 7 months ago I had about 300 friends. My list of friends where drawn at that point from friends and family and friends of friends and I had had my FB profile for over 9 years!!!

I heard about this method at the point where I realised my businesses would benefit from a social boost and applied it, yes it became a little tedious BUT in a very short time I noted the benefits. And adding people of interest in your own niche means you pretty much talk the same lingo thus your rate of interaction will increase and the feedback from people and the FB algorithms will increase your visibility also, it’s a win win situation.

Once you increase the following start adding more Groups, USE the Groups and watch how things change for you.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Twitter and Instagram are much the same in this, the more you interact and add people (keeping relevancy in mind) the more growth you can expect, though I would advise mastering one and being totally comfortable with it before exploring others.

Youtube, we all know and love or hate in some cases, but its one of THE biggest search engines in the World….keeping in mind Google owns it, it would be silly to ignore its potential power…video marketing is in a massive growth phase and something you should consider as soon as you are able.

Video marketing and Youtube are two massive niche relevant subjects and something I want to cover with you much further and will do in a future chapter.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Linkedin, may be a familiar name to you, previously seen as a fairly “straight” forum style platform for people to share CV’s and job hunt…..whilst the basic elements of that are still fairly true, they have changed their business model realising that greater interaction resources and media are key to user retention, they have upgraded often in the last few years and become more “social”….I know some people enjoying great metrics (footfall) from Linkedin right now, so don’t brush it aside ?

Now we have started our online presence we find that time becomes your cost more than anything and social media demands to be fed regularly, finding “stuff” can in itself be time consuming but then being able to input it to all of your profiles can be an even bigger task, worthwhile, but time hungry.

There are a number of ways we can deal with this, and in the first instance I am going to go back to the website you have, hopefully a WordPress based one? There are ways in which you can use plugins in WordPress (for free) that link your blog posts (yup you need a blog element in your website…if you didn’t think you did, better go set that bit up ? )….with these plugins you post a new blog post and it automatically sends it to your connected social media profiles….neat huh?

The latter is a great way of time management but an EVEN BETTER method is a quality online software product such as the one I use…..yes…here I go pointing you to an affiliate link, but I will ONLY promote things that I use and know have value…so here it is click the image below and buy it, it’s a great investment and not expensive.

With this you can create posts/adverts for a number of social media profiles, set timers as to when they go out, whether they get repeated and how often….you can literally set a post up to repeat for a year or years from now….how neat is that? This app even has a content finder function!

One time investment, years of value ?



3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


In the next chapter I am going to cover Traffic, List Building and Authority – DO NOT MISS IT as I have a SPECIAL TRAFFIC BONUS JUST FOR YOU ?


If you need any help with anything contained in this series feel free to reach out via the Group Page



3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


2.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

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3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


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