4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

Right people, we now have some of the main bits n pieces required to create online income streams, and if you have started to work your Social Media as per the previous chapter you will be experiencing this thing called “Traffic”.

Traffic and List Building are the life blood of any business, without them you just have a pretty (hopefully) website kinda hanging around in cyberspace.

People who set up their own websites or even pay massive amounts of money to have one set up tend to think “That’s it, I have my website, game on!!”….unfortunately the horse will NOT arrive at the water to drink, why? Because he has no way of knowing where it is, thus we as website owners need to lead those babies to our oasis so they can at least decide whether they want to drink or not.

Building traffic or footfall as it is known in more conventional offline businesses is a multi-faceted task. Primary to all of this is whether or not you have a product or service that is desirable, answers peoples needs and provides value.

Pointing people in the right direction in order to find you takes a deal of skill which can be a time and money drain. There is a need to market your offerings, create an organic following, source leads to convert and hopefully secure repeat business.


4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Now if we are starting to build a following within our niche, we need to send out signals that highlight the product or service we are promoting. If you are an affiliate often the hard work is done for you pretty much, the person who made the product will offer sales pages, scripts and sometimes graphics you can use to set out your stall for promoting them and earn your commissions.

Traffic building is interesting from the point of view that people talk about number of website visitors as being key. Whilst to some extent this is correct, truth is if say I directed a whole Football stadium full of people in front of your offer what percentage do you think would buy in? Keep this in mind when looking at traffic sources, what you actually need are laser targeted customers, those already seeking the type of product or service you are offering.

This leads me on to List Building, quote “The Money is in The List”….you will hear this time and time again, if you haven’t already….and its so so true. And you will see companies offering email lists for sale of thousands and millions of people that you can send promo emails to…..beware….and I know its tempting but you often find these “resources” are a waste of both time and money….they are usually worn and tired email lists that have been bought and sold for years and focus on no particular customer niche (whether they say they do or not).

Right, you need traffic, you need a list…..you need targeted niche relevant traffic and email list and the means to build them both. So roll up your sleeves and prepare to apply yourself.

You are going to need to be able to do marketing, create good copywrite, enticing graphics and even perhaps Video adverts…scared yet?  Do not worry there are plenty of tools out there that will ease your passage or if you feel overwhelmed by the concept of marketing there are services that will help for a fee.


4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Now when I outlined the need to build a profile/brand/authority this is to ensure you start the process of traffic, no quick fixes but one thing you need to do on the back of any and all traffic is to build a list. You need a means of collecting and managing the leads/prospects.

One method of capturing prospects is via pop ups on your website, people can enter their email to hear more about your services….to be fair this is a fairly low converter in itself, and people get a bit turned off with popups of any kind.

A better method, in my experience is to send people to an opportunity/product via a sign up/capture page….so you send them to a specific page into which they plug their email and in doing so this allows them access to the opportunity details or freebie (always a great thing to do).


4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Then the email drops into your list, now in the early days you will find picking up the odd email here and there will be manageable and you will be able to do a good follow up email to each and send further offers…..it wont be long before you get burn out on this…..you need tools and an autoresponder and yes I can point you in the right direction.

For a perfect solution which also has an income generations system built in I can highly recommend: http://power.dominusmarketing.com  – I have used them for a long time now and migrated away from Aweber and Getresponse the other well know autoresponder services….it has everything you need to create lead capture pages, create email campaigns and much much more…..on top of that there is a great FREE system which creates leads for you, there is tons of training associated all very valuable: http://dominusmarketing.com ?

OK, so you have even more insight, even more access to the tools of the trade…..I am going to talk now about Authority….a subject on its own and one I cover in greater detail in another product I put together. However, Authority is all about branding…..this was why I indicated using your own name for your domain name may be a good direction to go in.

To dominate your niche you need to have Authority, be Known….the best way to be known is visually and by name….use it everywhere and the beauty of using your name as your main site (to which you have a blog section – nudge) if you find your niche involvement changes, it doesn’t matter because its still YOU.


4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit




For example if you start a domain about dog food and call it dogfoodsrus.com and then you decide to move into selling helicopters……well, you cant really use that domain nor the leverage you have built up by creating relevant content to that site. It would be almost clean slate time….bottom rung.

I am not saying you couldn’t start another and run them both, I have around 55 of my own websites in various niches, but have spent a LOT of time and DOLLARS networking them and giving them traction….you don’t need to until you get to a comfortable position where you have enough knowledge and resources to experiment and branch out.

In the next chapter I will be discussing Copywriting and Blogging (theyre VERY relevant topics to growing your traffic, lists and revenue no matter what niche you are in) see you there!

OK, winding up now I am going to point you towards another resource which I encourage you to take a squint at, now this is a buddy of mine and no I do NOT make a red cent from promoting his course, I do it because I believe in the value you can get from this.


Check it out here and remember to nudge Phil and say Dominus sent ya! Lol

This course is about “Attraction Marketing” and super value!!!


4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



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 4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



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4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


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