6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

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In the last chapter I covered off the written word in a pretty big way and pointed towards some great resources you can use. Here I am outlining the media side of marketing your product or service.

You will have noticed how much people gravitate towards images, advertisements everywhere have a dominant image facet, television, magazines, posters and social media platforms. Now this is a primary for anything you offering, content is king or queen if you want to be a bit more pc about it ?

Content on your website and/or blog will ALWAYS benefit from quality media/images/video. Again I make no assumptions that you have an artistic or marketing flair that will allow you to hit the ground running in this area, but I advise you to give it a go….every post, every product should have some form of associated image or video.


6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


As I mentioned previously, the online prospect has become lazy in what they are open to consume in regards advertisements or information. Not long back in sales, we used to state you have 20 seconds to connect……………now we work to the 6 seconds rule….yup, you have to hit em quick or they browse on by.

One thing you should do, now you are in the driving seat, is to review how other people are doing things, spend time browsing niche relevant sites and blogs and of course the social media platforms you are looking to market within. Take notes, see what catches your eye on a daily basis, do not be complacent, the market is ever changing so make it your business to know how best to market….your business ?

If you are using, for instance, Facebook to put the word out, you need to ensure you put out a mix of posts. By this I mean, we have to show we are real people as well as business people…..going back to the Know, Like, Trust, principal….post things that are real to your daily life events, find quirky images that may hook someone.

Have a look at this guys timeline – add him here:


6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Take a good look at the timeline, notice the links to products and services as well as his real life observations…..a mix which gives a sense of the person.

This is a format you should use in social media AND in your Blog (did you get it started yet? If you did drop me a note on my Facebook profile so I can subscribe and help)

OK, so you understand you need media so as well as the image you can produce yourself, it is handy to be able to pick up fresh new copyright free (please note copyright free – don’t use media unless you have the right permissions – otherwise you can end up with a slapped wrist in the $000’s).

A couple of places I use on a regular basis, which are totally free are:



Both of these offer great FREE resources that you can use in your posts/marketing/blogs.

Also of course you need a means, sometimes to add wording or tweak images…now for the future I advise getting hold of something like photoshop or lightroom (big boy software with big boy price tags), BUT if you look about on the net there are a shed load (lots) of FREE online media manipulation apps.

The list is long but one that I would recommend you take a look at to get you up and running is:


You will find it pretty much has all you need to manipulate images and create a deal of marketing media…..and FOR FREE YEHEY!!!

Yet another great FREE app, that can be downloaded or added as a browser extension, you may want to grab is:


This is an Open Source Productivity tool and allows you to do some awesome screen capture actions….this can be great when you want to capture and crop a promo image from something like a a JV/Affiliate offer sales page you are promoting (again if you have the authority to do so!!!).

Now we are going to move on to the major media magnet that is growing massively every day – VIDEO.

We all know about Youtube, whether we make videos or not, many of us use it for its entertainment value and as the second largest search engine in the world (Google being the first and the owner of Youtube so kinda goes without saying lol) its potential for getting eyeballs on your offers is huge.


6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Within Youtube you can find some resources of free copyright free videos you can download and use, but largely they are about YOU creating videos to fills their shelves. There are also options, much like Facebook, that allow you to “Go Live” and do real time connection with potential customers, this is a subject for a future course.

Let’s assume you haven’t made a video before and maybe don’t want to invest in cameras and quality microphones at this point, there are a couple of places you can get into some creative video creation and do some serious marketing without spending a dime.

Check out these two bad boys:



There are free templates, images, themes all of which allow you to play about and input a few relevant words of your choice to get your message over. Yes, the free option gives out a video that has their branding on, but when you get a few green backs in the bank you can either invest with a subscription to them to open out more options and drop their watermark.

However, another option you may want to look at that I can also recommend is:





6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Movavi Video Editor Plus includes all the functionality in the standard Video Editor, PLUS some exciting extra features. Use keyframe animation to make titles, stickers, and callouts move around the screen. Explore expanded built-in media collections – you’ll find even more sample video clips, stickers, and music tracks to enhance your video projects.

And yes, it’s one I use daily, here is an example (click on the screencapture image I created with ShareX and edited the overlay play button on with Fotoflexer ? )



6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



With this software I was able to create this and save it to my laptop for future use and upload it directly to my Youtube account for additional traffic, see where I am going with this?

From here I then shared it to my timeline on Facebook, Twitter etc…..plugged it into Sociviral for repeat tweeting and posting in autopilot!!!


6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


(I know I promoted this in a previous chapter but I am guessing you are now seeing the worth of it even more at this stage?)


In the last chapter I also mentioned I would be giving you a Special Offer – here it is peeps a brand new shiny

FREE SPECIAL REPORT on TRAFFIC (The life blood of your online business)


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As I draw this chapter to a close, I hope you can see some of the methods that are easily sourced to assist you with your marketing of your products, services or affiliate links.

In the next chapter I will be covering more quality products and services to give you  greater advantage when trying to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit.


If you need any help with anything contained in this series feel free to reach out via the Group Page



6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


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6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit6.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

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