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Now, I am going to revisit an area that I have previously touched on, but that will be a recurring theme as it is SO IMPORTANT!! – LIST BUILDING.

Go grab a coffee, I may be some time….but there is MASSIVE vale in the following “Super sized” Chapter.

List building is the first, most important and most constant of all the tasks that Internet marketers engage in. Their lists are their bread and butter and their lists and their businesses belong together. Neither can exist without the other.

You won’t have to wander around the Internet very long before you will find people saying that list building just isn’t important…  and that it isn’t even necessary. Don’t you believe one word of that hooey… and that is precisely what it is…  hooey!

That is without a doubt the worst Internet marketing advice that is available anywhere on the Internet… and there is lot of useless information out there. There is useless information but the idea of not building a list is just downright dangerous advice to follow. List building isn’t important… it is absolutely vital… it really is your bread and butter. Without a list, you are simply without a business.

The CAN SPAM act of 2003 made is illegal to send bulk marketing emails without the consent of the recipients. That is the law. The penalties for disobeying this law are tough! You can be fined up to $11,000 per unsolicited marketing email that you send!

It wouldn’t take but one to do a lot of damage and if you send hundreds, you’ll never get the fine paid off… at least not in just one lifetime. Do you NEED an opt-in list? YES! Your list is your bread and butter.

Now, let’s discuss ways in which one can go about building that bread and butter opt-in list. There are several ways that have been proven to be very effective list building techniques.

One way to build your life blood opt-in list is to write articles and submit them to article banks.

If you weren’t blessed with any writing ability at all or if you simply do not have the time to devote to writing articles, you can have articles written for you by ghostwriters or you can join a PLR site and download articles that will just need some rewriting to prevent them from being identified as duplicate content by search engine spiders. These articles need to be no longer than 300 to 400 words and they need to be keyword rich. Your resource box needs to include your name and a link to your website.


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Another proven list building technique is to join and post to blogs and forums that are dedicated to a topic that relates to the products and services that you sell.

You must be careful not to post blatant advertisements on these sites. That’s a big no-no. You will need to post 3 to 5 times each and every week to these sites and you sig tag on your posts needs to be your name and a link to your website.

Exchanging links with websites that sell products and services that are complimentary to but not identical to the products and services that you sell is another way to build your bread and butter list.

Now, some marketers do not believe in link exchanges. They object to the idea of two way traffic and don’t think that a marketer should ever post a link that takes traffic away from his or her website. The key word, however, is TWO way. A link exchange also brings traffic to your website that you might not otherwise ever see and every person who visits your website is a potential customer or, at the very least, a possible addition to that bread and butter opt-in list.

Then there is paid advertising to consider for the purpose of list building.

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is not free, of course, but if your list is greatly increased because of it then it will be money that has been well spent. PPC campaigns are very effective tools for list building… and more especially so if you can give something away for free. People do love ‘free’. Free reports… free utilities…  free E-Books… if it’s free, it adds to your bread and butter opt-in list.


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



A very effective, maybe even the most effective, way to use paid advertising to build your list is to advertise in E-zines that relate to the topic of your website and to the products and services that you sell.

E-zine advertising is very targeted advertising that has proven to be effective as well as cost effective. The people who will see your advertisement are the very people who are most likely to buy the products or services that you sell and to join your opt-in list…  and, did I mention that it is cheap? You can usually get an advertisement in an E-zine for $30 or less.

The well established and savvy Internet marketers all know just how important list building is. List building is at the top of their ‘to-do’ list every single day. List building is never considered a side effect… it is the object of their attraction to every enterprise that they consider undertaking. They know that their lists really are their bread and butter. They fully understand that without their lists that they are without a business and you should believe that with all your heart because it is true.

Leveraging Joint Venture Opportunities

When Internet marketers hear the term, ‘Joint Venture’ they will immediately begin to drool… maybe ever to slightly…  but they are certainly drooling.

New marketers dream of getting that first lucrative Joint Venture deal under their belts (and into their bank accounts). Well-seasoned Internet marketers always have both ears and both eyes wide open searching for their next Joint Venture opportunity.

Everybody wants a Joint Venture for the very simple reason that they are lucrative… and ‘lucrative’ is an understatement.

The first, most important and most on-going task of every Internet marketer is to build an opt-in list.

There are basically three kinds of lists and all of them are not created equally.

First there are lists that are bought…  these are just about worthless.

Second there are lists of potential customers. Potential customer lists are valuable because they are lists of people who have opted in to a mailing list and may well buy something at some point but they haven’t as yet.

The third kind of list is the ‘paid customers list’. The paid customers list is the one that is very, very, very valuable. This is a list of people who have actually bought a product or service. They have already proven that they will spend money. Most importantly, the paid customer list is one of the factors that potential Joint Venture partners will base their decision of whether to Joint Venture with you or not will base their decision upon.


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



So… building a paid customer list is the number one task for an Internet marketer. In order to build a paid customer list, you may well have to give something away. One of the best ways to build a paid customer list is to offer a product that is relatively inexpensive… say one that will sell for $9.95 or even $19.95…  to Joint Venture partners and allow them to keep all of the profits from the sale. That’s right. Give them 100% of the profit… the whole $9.95 or $19.95 that the product sells for.

What you get is a long paid customer list which will turn out to be a lot more valuable than the $5 or $10 dollars per sale that you would have made. That paid customer list is like your own private gold mine. It can be used to leverage future Joint Venture deals that will add a lot of money to your bottom line.

Another method that can be used to build that valuable paid customer list is to have two membership sites… one free and one paid.

You can then offer Joint Venture partners the opportunity to give away free memberships and an opportunity to gain a commission when anyone that they send the offer of a free membership chooses to upgrade to a paid membership. You can structure this offer as a one-time payment for an up-grade or as an ongoing commission on the price of the monthly subscription.

By using either of the above discussed methods for your first Joint Venture deals you will have built a paid customers list and you will also managed to create some serious credibility for yourself. Both are assets that are beyond placing a value upon. This is the formula for success:


Paid customer list + Credibility = Success


Whatever method you choose to employ, the bottom line is that what you need the very most in order to get a profitable Joint Venture deal is a long paid customer list and some credibility. There are no substitutes for either.

Make no mistake here. Credibility is equally important to a paid customer list. Credibility is achieved by becoming a recognized authority in a niche. The paid customer list adds greatly to your credibility but you need to work hard at building credibility by writing and marketing articles, posting to blogs and forums, etc. Building credibility on the Internet isn’t easy and it takes some time. There aren’t any shortcuts.

With a paid customer list and credibility you will then be in a position to leverage the best and most profitable Joint Venture partnership agreements that are possible. Always remember that adding to your paid customer list is one of the factors that you want to insure when you enter into any Joint Venture agreement.


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Now, armed with a paid customer list and credibility, your next move is to find ways to make your potential Joint Venture partners willing, even eager, to help you. Contrary to what appears to be common sense, your best Joint Venture partners are those who, up to this point, you have considered your main competitors.

No, I’m not kidding. These are the Internet marketers who are most closely associated with your customer base. The names and email addresses on their lists are the ones that you want on your list.

Let’s say that you sell ‘whatsits’… you and several other marketers are in the ‘whatsits’ selling business. If you can come up with a product that will make selling ‘whatsits’ easier or explain how customers can get the best use out of a ‘whatsit’ then you can approach your most fierce competitors and turn them into your most valuable Joint Venture partners. They will eagerly assist you in promoting your new ‘whatsit enabler’ product…  for a commission, of course.

A product that will make people feel better, look better or solve a problem for them is a product that potential Joint Venture partners will embrace and then they will be eager to help you sell it.

Additionally, you must always offer generous commissions and ample support to all of your Joint Venture partners. This is never a place to cut corners or get greedy and you credibility is always on the line.

If you have made a name for yourself in your niche (gained credibility/authority) and you have a product that Joint Venture partners know will make them look good to their lists (even your most fierce competitors), there is no limit to the help they will be willing to provide for you as a Joint Venture partner!

So, as promised last time I have also put together a List Building Video Course for you, all you need do is hit the image below and you will have access to all 10 Video’s – Schweet no? ?


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit



By now you are probably ready for another coffee and to give yourself time to soak up all of the information in this series “How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit”? Ensure you revisit all of the chapters and take some notes, follow the links and ENJOY!!!  Well it doesnt finish here, far from it, I will be writing more and more to share my knowledge, experience and resources…..so what you need to do is hit the CLICKETY CLICK BUTTON BOTTLE CAP BELOW and Join me on Facebook and lets continue this journey together!!!


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit7.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

3.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

Right, lets get SOCIAL, something I believe is something people should do more both general life but also in business.

Whilst many will know the main players in the Social Media World, I am sure just as many:

a) don’t

b) don’t really care or want to be part of it on any level.

Now I will admit at one point, my involvement in social media was very minimal and used purely for interacting with friends, family and an amount of entertainment value. However in the world of business, particularly as the mode of marketing progresses massively week on week, social media and its application becomes more and more a MUST HAVE rather than seen as perhaps something to consider.

The popular players here are (and in no particular order):

  • FB



Now if you don’t have any of these babies, I recommend Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to start with…go now, get you profiles set up and make sure they have your brand new shiny domain names email ?

What next? You need to use them, and this is going to take WORK, but it will pay off. On Facebook if you are using a brand new account it will take a little time for you to be allowed to join groups, add people, create your own pages etc, so spend some time making sure your profile page looks hot snot (that translates as “the best”).

Ideally you need a good picture of yourself as your profile image, preferably smiling, that may sound obvious but it is important. Going forward as you look at building authority, which is what it is all about to gather traction online, you need to use the same image of YOU….EVERYWHERE…so every social media profile you set up needs to be the SAME image….trust me…it matters.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


The cover of your FB profile should be a nice clear, inviting scene, possibly something like a tranquil beach scene, experiment with this but always avoid “dark” and “deep”.

Once you become familiar with Facebook and the other socials listed, you have to interact with people, check your timeline stream, comment, like and share and don’t just do it for the sake of it, make it real/true reaction to what you are seeing.

What you now need is “friends”, as many as possible, as quickly as possible…..now you can wander around FB and pick off peeps and request to yours hearts content, but doing this can get you suspended, or sent to FB Jail to cool off for a period. Strategy is required…

The business/industry/niche that will be the backbone of your online income creation is the focus of the type of people you need to buddy up with. So, whats needed is for you to search FB for niche relevant Groups and join them….just a few at first, get used to being in the group, look at what people are saying, doing and advertising and what methods they use to market themselves.

The people in these groups are primarily the people you need to be adding to your circle.


On a daily basis, Morning and Evening (two sessions), EVERY DAY for at least four weeks, you need to add between 10 and 20 new people to your list. So that’s 10-20 in the morning and 10-20 in the evening. All of these peeps need to be harvested (lol) from niche relevant Groups.

I know some of you are going to turn your nose up and say “that’s a lot of messing about and time”, but you WILL find at the 3 to 4 week point, when you are adding daily (that’s 7 days by the way), and interacting in the groups and posting some bits n pieces on your own timeline (niche relevant AND trending images/videos – more of that later)…people start to migrate to you.

The latter method is totally proven, have a squint at my profile on FB  [CLICK HERE]  at the time of writing I have around 4000 friends, YAY look at Mr Popular hahaha…but seriously around  6 to 7 months ago I had about 300 friends. My list of friends where drawn at that point from friends and family and friends of friends and I had had my FB profile for over 9 years!!!

I heard about this method at the point where I realised my businesses would benefit from a social boost and applied it, yes it became a little tedious BUT in a very short time I noted the benefits. And adding people of interest in your own niche means you pretty much talk the same lingo thus your rate of interaction will increase and the feedback from people and the FB algorithms will increase your visibility also, it’s a win win situation.

Once you increase the following start adding more Groups, USE the Groups and watch how things change for you.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Twitter and Instagram are much the same in this, the more you interact and add people (keeping relevancy in mind) the more growth you can expect, though I would advise mastering one and being totally comfortable with it before exploring others.

Youtube, we all know and love or hate in some cases, but its one of THE biggest search engines in the World….keeping in mind Google owns it, it would be silly to ignore its potential power…video marketing is in a massive growth phase and something you should consider as soon as you are able.

Video marketing and Youtube are two massive niche relevant subjects and something I want to cover with you much further and will do in a future chapter.


3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Linkedin, may be a familiar name to you, previously seen as a fairly “straight” forum style platform for people to share CV’s and job hunt…..whilst the basic elements of that are still fairly true, they have changed their business model realising that greater interaction resources and media are key to user retention, they have upgraded often in the last few years and become more “social”….I know some people enjoying great metrics (footfall) from Linkedin right now, so don’t brush it aside ?

Now we have started our online presence we find that time becomes your cost more than anything and social media demands to be fed regularly, finding “stuff” can in itself be time consuming but then being able to input it to all of your profiles can be an even bigger task, worthwhile, but time hungry.

There are a number of ways we can deal with this, and in the first instance I am going to go back to the website you have, hopefully a WordPress based one? There are ways in which you can use plugins in WordPress (for free) that link your blog posts (yup you need a blog element in your website…if you didn’t think you did, better go set that bit up ? )….with these plugins you post a new blog post and it automatically sends it to your connected social media profiles….neat huh?

The latter is a great way of time management but an EVEN BETTER method is a quality online software product such as the one I use…..yes…here I go pointing you to an affiliate link, but I will ONLY promote things that I use and know have value…so here it is click the image below and buy it, it’s a great investment and not expensive.

With this you can create posts/adverts for a number of social media profiles, set timers as to when they go out, whether they get repeated and how often….you can literally set a post up to repeat for a year or years from now….how neat is that? This app even has a content finder function!

One time investment, years of value ?



3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


In the next chapter I am going to cover Traffic, List Building and Authority – DO NOT MISS IT as I have a SPECIAL TRAFFIC BONUS JUST FOR YOU ?


If you need any help with anything contained in this series feel free to reach out via the Group Page



3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


2.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

4.How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit3. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

Continuing from the first chapter in this course, I am presuming you either have of plan to have a domain and website on standby ready to roll your sleeves up and do some graft (that’s work where I come from) or already have one setup.

No matter what level of understanding you have about website creation or marketing at this stage, you need it to be “live” as soon as possible and the domain you use should in preference have an SSL Certificate . This was never a prerequisite prior to the start of October 2017, but then good ole Google thang decided to force a new algorithm which means if you DON’T have an SSL certificate Google Chrome browsers will highlight that fact and deem your site “in secure”.


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


NOTE: Whilst there are “free” methods of acquiring these certificates, the time you take creating and tending isn’t really worth it. However, be careful as there are plenty of people out there trying to make a fast and very big buck out of this, a common rate from the domain supplier should be in the region of $10 to $30….I say this because I have seen those charging $100 – $900!

My advice, if you didn’t have one sold to you when you bought your domain name, is GET ONE, if you don’t, your ability to reap the rewards of traffic will be limited to say the least.

Right, that was my super serious bit for this chapter….onwards…let’s talk about where the money is online.

[This list highlights SOME of the main players]







PLR (Private Label Rights)


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


Let’s look at each of these, some of which I am sure many of us recognise.

     Ebay, it’s been around forever and I am sure you all know it, list a product at either a buy now price or set an auction to sell. Now I have an ebay account and from memory have done for around 13 years, having bought, sold and auctioned all kind of “stuff” I know my way around that system.

If you have a product (tangible) whether old or new, it’s easy enough to get started and start turning some coin, though you have to be aware of all the charges that come into play, listing costs, final fee on purchase cost and of course PayPal scrapes it’s chunk off you at some point.

That said, YES, you can make money here, and there are many great courses out there that will help you work out good strategies to get started.

     Etsy, been around a while (had an account for 4 years), it’s growing massively and has, in my mind a solid business model. The charges are minimal in comparison to Ebay and the user interface is much friendlier. The main aim of Etsy, however is to market hand crafted items, so selling there is about you (or someone you know or associate with) creating individual products and marketing them. NOTE: because items are hand crafted they tend to attract a higher ticket than conventional products of their niche.


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


     Ecommerce, so, this I am going to use as an umbrella term for any product or service someone may want to sell/offer to the world. This uses your own website as a frontend to market said items.

You may be a joiner, a seamstress, a candlestick maker, a writer, a lawyer, a builder, a yoga teacher etc etc etc and are looking to set up your business within a given niche (or actually already have). Now in order to promote any of these things we need to get what you are offering in front of as many eyes as possible.

Whilst people still give out business cards and utilise word of mouth referral, it is more and more common for people to seek out a product or service via a search of the internet and/or substantiate the business card/word of mouth referral.

As you will be aware, the Internet is MASSSSSSIVE!!!!! So, putting your website out there means it has huge competition and therefore you need to be aware of techniques and services that assist in the promotion of your niche. More of this another time….it all connects.


     Clickbank, JVZoo, Warriorplus (Affiliate products), I have grouped these 3 together as they have similarities. The business model here is that you don’t have to have any products at all, you purely pick a product or service created by someone else, promote it and when a purchase is made via your unique link, you get paid a commission….schweeeet, no?

The affiliate income method is one of my favourites, to be honest, but of course it takes work and knowledge to do this effectively (worry not I will be covering this further in future chapters)

For now go to each of them and sign up for accounts ITS FREE BY THE WAY and have a sniff around at whats on offer. Each of the 3 also have inbuilt training areas to help you get up and running.

Please note there are tons more affiliate programs out there, but these are the 3 main players I would direct you to.


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


     PLR (Private Label Rights), ok, so are any of you scratching your noggins (heads), as to what this is? Well, it’s another of my preferred income creation methods….people make products/courses which they do all the hard toil on, then sell YOU the rights to resell it at a 100% profit to YOU!!! Not a bad gig huh?

Now I am sure you can see the benefits of this and actually if you’re like me, you will also want to create PLR products for other people to buy as this adds to your authority in the www arena. Creating your own courses, ebooks and reports, can, however be very time consuming…..so at least at the start of this journey I would advise you “buy the buttons and sell the buttons” ?


So, there we have several business models, all of which will generate an income, but equally, and don’t let any of those shiny button manufacturers kid you otherwise, ALL WILL NEED WORK!!!!

I have no intention trying to mislead you here, running a business/making money is REAL WORK…but one that YOU are in charge of, the more you put in, whether through work or investments of any kind, like all business will reap rewards for you.

Next up, in Chapter 3. I will cover Social Media Marketing, again giving you a pointer to the primaries and methods in which to harness them to your advantage ?

Feel free to Like and Follow the @buyandsellbuttons page on Facebook (click the bottle cap button below)


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


To our continued success


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit


OK So I Have Mentioned PLR And Want to Give You The Chance For Access To YEARS AND YEARS WORTH

My Very Good Friend Daniel Is Currently Offering Memberships At A  LOW LOW Price

Grab It Before Its Gone (New PLR EVERY WEEK!!!)



2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

1. How To Buy and Sell Buttons for Profit                           

3. How To Buy and Sell Buttons for Profit


2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit2. How to Buy and Sell Buttons For Profit

The word on the streets, one of the “must have” products is Instacode….and what would I say about that?  Well, as I know Michelle Thompson she kindly gave me a review copy of the product and asked for a no holds barred assessment and review of it….so here goes Michelle…hang on to your hat!!!

Instacode Review by Dominus Markham

From my first visit to the sales page, I already knew the appeal this would have with people…people seeking an honest solution to an ongoing need.

The informational video will give you the connection with the real people behind the product immediately, and that is key in the market today.

The Instacode product consists of a very well written and easy to understand step by step walk through of the processes and systems required for people to make real money!!!

The ebook itself is well worth the currently low priced front end ticket, it is pretty much an out of the box solution. But Michelle goes further and digs deeper, producing more in depth video training on every stage of the system, so as to leave no doubt in the minds of the student as to what they can and need to do.

My real take away and indicator of the calibre both of the product and its creator is the sentence in the sales page:

“Now My Mission Is To Sift Through All the Crap and Deliver REAL Strategies That Actually Make Money…”

To me it speaks volumes about what you will get with this product and its associated resources and training.

The low priced front end doesnt mean you get low quality information, not by any means and the added value bonuses are worth tens of times the price tag…….plus of course and I must give mention to Bill Hugall who works with Michelle, he has put his name, case study and virtual stamp on the product………….need I say more?

Instacode Review by Dominus Markham

Instacode has some extremely valuable add on’s (up sells, oto’s – one time offers) which again to be honest are ridiculously low priced but these are priceless add on’s that shouldn’t be missed.

The first OTO is Bill Hugall himself who is making a limited number of his “10k A Month Systems” available at a giveaway price

Then the OTO2 is Michelle’s Extra Value DFY – Done For You – Instacode Upgrade Specially Selected High Conversion Niche Templates created by Michelle specifically to get you up and running in next to no time – this is a “steal”

Michelle has also been working with Dirk Wagner and they are giving access to an awesome piece of software “Comment Manager” that will drive FREE TRAFFIC from your Facebook profile direct to your site!!!……need I say more?

So, go, NOW and tell Michelle I sent you.

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P.S. I am adding a SPECIAL BONUS for you when you purchase via this link – “Online Traffic Secrets Black Book – written by me” $17 Value

P.P.S If you grab this offer via my link Instacode..and send me the receipt at instacode@dominusmarkham.com I will also send you my recently released “Blueprint For An Entrepreneurial Future” totally FREE as well!!!

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Instacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus MarkhamInstacode Review by Dominus Markham

Its easy to state, “I am an Entrepreneur”….see, easy….but really is it what you are or aspire to be?

I find the concept interesting as I am sure many people either label themselves in such a way because it lends weight to their modus operandi in their business concerns or some will apply the label to a person based on a perceived activity.

Do we see the Entrepreneur as the super successful one, always way ahead of the game?

What is the definition of an Entrepreneur?

Well actually it means someone that sets up a business or businesses with a financial risk purely based on the hope of profit…..so….is that you?

Truth is, business is a risk more and more these days, whether we flip burgers or buy and sell precious commodities….no certainty in any of it. Nor indeed is there a proven profit track for online business, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Creating Digital Products….writing books.

HOWEVER, if you are an Entrepreneur you may see the potential, know that you are willing to give it your all, take a punt and plan for profit and live in hope for it yields what you sow…….are you and Entrepreneur?

I believe, you either are or are not an Entrepreneur, almost by default….you will have developed a spirit and drive through life experiences that makes you that person. A person often classified as one of the 4% of the population whilst the other 96% allow themselves, or feel more “comfortable” opting for the 9-5 kind of existence.

There is no way I would ever decry the 96%ers, life is about living it YOUR way, best you can and if that works for you, all power to you.

Me, well, I am an Entrepreneur and have set up businesses, income opportunities for many many years…and yes risked and yes LOST…..not always, but indeed I have lost, both money and time…..BUT, I have also seen such occurrences as the steps in the journey that have made where I am today possible.

And, as is my want, I will continue in this Entrepreneurial spirit for as long as there is a life force within….its how I am wired.

Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus Markham

NOW…..I thought I might share something with you, as you have been good enough to read my ramble. I put together a new book called “Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future”, my initial intention was to sell it and make it a lead in to some projects I have cooking right now. But, I thought, for those setting out on the trail or actually already on it, this book, which contains 100 pointers/guidelines for Entrepreneurs, this may be a nice GIFT…..so yes, here you go, just fill the form below and go get it…its yours for FREE.


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To Our Success

Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus Markham

Blueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus MarkhamBlueprint To An Entrepreneurial Future Dominus Markham

                                         “Make Money Online – Private Members Academy”

It’s often difficult to make money online and that is usually due to all of the “noise” out there!

We become inundated with emails and adverts promising  “Money Pumping System’s”, sometimes we succumb and buy in…..spend hours figuring out this “System” only to find, little or more often NO RESULTS.

The noise and overwhelm become to great and we either just look on or totally give up and resign ourselves to the J.O.B.

And I have to tell you, years ago, I was much the same, just starting out, dreaming of online riches just from 20 minutes a day….or so the systems claimed.

Golden Ticket To Make Money Online

I have probably spent in the region of $20,000 in a 15 year period in the search for the “Holy Grail” of online money making.

Then, around 5 years ago, I realised where I was going wrong, what the REAL cause of ongoing failure was………………………..ME!!!

Yes, my lack of application, my lack of TRUE MOTIVATION and failure to focus on primary training needs to make a success.

So, what did I do?

I spent the next 3 years, working with Mentors and Gurus well known in the Online Money Making Arena……honing my skills and trade so as to FINALLY BREAK FREE!!!

Now, you have to understand, the cost in both time and money, added to the ongoing bill I had run up, but that the extra $1000’s and years of training have been PURE GOLD!

Golden Ticket To Make Money Online

And now, its time to “pay it forward”……being in a comfortable position allows you the room to help others…..and, if you have the motivation, you can be one of the people I help.

I want to offer training, resources and support to those that are either just setting out or indeed those who have been on the journey for years but have little to show for it.

Recently I started work on creating a Private Members area which contains key training, building blocks to allow real online progress.

Everything from setting up a wordpress website to harnessing free traffic to your business and products.

Golden Ticket To Make Money Online

This is a “work in progress” and because of the enormity of the task, I have called upon several well know Internet Marketers to provide resources on my behalf, which incidentally they have given at special rates, so as to build this community faster.

Contained within the Private Members Site, I have created a $1000 PLUS of valuable training and added bonus resources to really allow people to hit the ground running!!!

The aim is to continue building the training and resources on a monthly basis and also build a PLR Zone (Private Label Rights Products that I make for YOU to SELL!!!!)

Those that are still reading now have the opportunity to pick up one of TWO SPECIAL OFFERSThese offers WILL NOT be here for long, but mean that those willing to TAKE ACTION will be founding members of a progressive community of like minded people…our aim….yours and mine….build a better future for US ALL.

So, to the Offers:

OFFER 1 – Buy An Annual Membership (Normally $297) for JUST $27.00


OFFER 2 – Buy A Months Trial For Just A Dollar, then pay $27/month.

Either option will give you access to a wealth of training and resources along with direct support given by me. I am a real person, direct emails, no bots behind the support lol

Included in the membership is:

Tutorials On WordPress Website Creation: 24 Videos ($197 Value)

The WordPress Setup Video Course gives you a step by step tutorial in setting up an effective WordPress Site of your own

Social Media Income Training: 36 Videos Covering Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest and Linkedin ($297 Value)

  • How to use Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
  • How to generate more leads after your Facebook Live broadcast
  • How to use Facebook ads to market your online business
  • How to optimize Facebook ads using Facebook insights
  • How to reach thousands of followers with Facebook fan page
  • How to turn your Facebook profile into an authority figure
  • How to reach targeted audience by optimizing Youtube SEO
  • How to make viral videos for ultimate business branding
  • How to utilize LinkedIn to grow vast business connections
  • How to customize LinkedIn messaging to expand network
  • How to optimize Instagram photos to increase viewership
  • How to hold Instagram contests to gain fame and exposure
  • How to use Pinterest to get targeted traffic and customers
  • How to gain more views with Pinterest rich pin
  • And more…

Facebook Live Marketing Training: 10 Videos ($197)

The Facebook Live Marketing Teaches You The Latest Ninja Techniques that allow you to utilise the latest Facebook Application To Drive Traffic And Market Your Business

Tube Traffic Secrets Training: 14 Videos ($297 Value)

Unlimited Traffic From YouTube Revealed Step By Step!

Step By Step How To Get Free Traffic From YouTube Marketing 


Easy Affiliate Marketing eBook ($19 Value)

Traffic Secrets Black Book ($17 Value)

Sales Funnels “What? Why? How?” ($17 Value)

Secret Copywriting Tricks ($17 Value)


And of course the cost of my ongoing support, I usually charge $97.00 per consultation, YOURS FREE!!!

Golden Ticket To Make Money Online

Now Purchase Your Ticket to A Better Future Here: [button link=”https://dominusmarkham.co.uk/ticket/” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] BUY!!![/button]

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  • SociViral SociViral - Social Media Automation Software!
Golden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money OnlineGolden Ticket To Make Money Online